About Marcia

Marcia Johnson started her acting career in 1983 on the CBC TV series “Hangin’ In” about a youth drop in centre. Her single line ‘I’m bringing my roommate Bobby’ laid the foundation fer her rich and varied career.  Marcia_Johnson_2mb

Next came several industrial films or ‘industrials’ as they’re known. These are in-house training films for companies and organizations. Though they paid well, Marcia soon grew tired of the stilted writing and awkward directing. Plus, she always had to provide her own wardrobe.

Marcia’s petite frame made her a natural for children’s theatre. She spent several years in a van, unloading set pieces into school gyms and changing in janitors’ closets. More touring followed with feminist theatre collective A Company of Sirens. This is where Marcia first started writing and she still continues to act.

In August 2012, Marcia Johnson accepted the position of Vice President of Women Playwrights International.